What to Expect from Lessons


From the Teacher

  • A teacher’s positive attitude and passion for music is contagious, it can’t help but rub off on the students.  High student morale = high student achievement

  • A warm and nurturing, positive environment

  • Practice, study, and performance to keep up skills and personally understand the process of learning

  • You will experience professional teaching based on years of education, performance, and teaching experience

  • Professional policies and procedures

  • Patience and a sense of humor


  • Well-rounded curriculum that produces excellent musicians

  • Assist students in setting goals to reach a high level of achievement

  • A firm foundation in music literacy that includes not just the printed page, but the understanding of how the printed score relates to the keyboard

  • Coaching in how to go beyond the notes on the page to make music your own, and be able to express music with artistry

  • Development of physical skills to produce the best sounds at the keyboard and good technical skills


  • Opportunities for musical development and performance to include group performance classes, evaluative testing, through Washington State Music Teachers Association and Oregon Music Teachers Association, two annual recitals and studio incentive programs

  • Performance opportunities at the studio help students to conquer fears and take risks, to develop discipline, a positive attitude and self-esteem

  • You will learn life lessons through music study