Lesson Information


teach students how to learn

This has value for music as well as other learning disciplines. Students who know how to self-direct their study will gain confidence in their ability to problem solve and work independently.

help students motivate themselves

Good teachers provide opportunities that enhance the student’s intrinsic motivation.

structured Lessons for each student’s needs

Private study allows the lesson to be tailored for each students unique needs.

encourage students to share their work

Opportunities for performance are offered through the studio in performance classes and recitals, various adjudication and festival opportunities, ensemble performances, and assisting students as they prepare to participate in collaborative experiences.


Lesson Etiquette

  • Arrive on time

  • Come with all materials - lesson books and all supplemental materials

  • No gum chewing

  • Have clean hands and trimmed fingernails

  • Wait quietly for your lesson. There are music articles for you to read or quiet musical games that would be of benefit to your musical progress


structure of Lessons

Private Lessons

Available for students of all ages - beginners to advanced

Students are given private lessons of a length appropriate for their age. Young beginners will have 30 minute lessons that will include on and off the bench activities. Students who have studied for two years are encouraged to sign up for 45 minute lessons that give us ample time to study technique, theory, repertoire, sight-reading and ear training. Advanced students are recommended to take 60 minute lessons that will allow time to focus on the musical needs of more advanced repertoire.

Adult Piano Study

It’s never too late to learn to play the piano! Have you always dreamed of playing the piano, or took lessons as a child and want to return to playing after years away from the piano?  You will find the joy of playing the piano.

Lessons are structured to focus on your personal goals with a unique curriculum tailored for each student. Whether you want to improve your technique, or learn to play popular songs, or to study select repertoire or simply play for fun we will work together to help you achieve your musical dreams.

Performance Classes

The purpose of performance classes is to prepare the students to be confident performers.  Performance classes are offered a minimum of three times per year. These classes replace normal lessons for the week and are typically scheduled with students of similar age and musical abilities.

In addition to working on performance skills, students are trained in guided listening skills.  Sometimes the classes are held like a master class with teacher or special guest comments for improvement. The class environment allows an opportunity to play musical games that will reinforce theory concepts we are learning. In the past we have worked on improvisation, composition, ensemble playing and sight-reading in classes.