Nate & Kari

Dr. Kathy Charles is an outstanding piano teacher. Under her instruction, our 7 year old daughter Kate has thrived! Her progress and musical comprehension in the just under 2 years of taking lessons is astounding! Kathy sets high goals and inspires her students through her own love of music. We feel so fortunate to have found her!


Kathy’s Piano Studio is wonderful. She brought out a love for music in me beyond anything I thought I had. As well as being a wonderful person, Kathy is also a phenomenal teacher. She teaches to her student’s specific pace and will always help her students get through any problems they are having. I strongly recommend Kathy’s Studio for everyone and guarantee that you will not be disappointed.




It’s been my observation that Kathy works very well with her students at identifying their unique learning style and incorporates that in her teaching. My daughter’s interest in piano has “waxed and waned”, Kathy does a great job of working through this with her students, and communicating with families. Kathy is able to identify a child’s “primary modality”. A modality is any of the sensory channels through which an individual receives and retains information. These sensory channels are visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic. Everyone has a dominant modality, but in time learns to integrate the other modalities. Adults routinely transfer information from one modality to another. In children, however, the dominant modality is the most efficient channel to receive and retain information. Students often show a secondary modality which is excellent in reinforcing information.


Kathy is very knowledgeable and very patient with her students. She genuine cares about her students and takes the time to teach them the skills they need to play beautifully. Our kids have been students of Kathy since they were 6 years and they are now 10 and 12 yrs old. We would HIGHLY recommend her!




We especially value the patient manner in which Kathy engages our daughter, and the thoughtful, individualized approach to her lessons. Kathy responds to our daughter’s interests, and motivates her to reach beyond her comfort level with firm expectations and confident encouragement in order to achieve not only her musical goals, but to learn valuable life lessons about hard work and determination. Kathy is a rare find and is highly recommended by our family.


Teacher Kathy is patient while correcting my mistakes and helps me learn




Teacher Kathy is a good teacher because I learn a lot from her. She picks good pieces for me and takes my skill level into consideration


Kathy is not just teaching me how to play piano and how to appreciate music. She also teaches me to not give up when facing difficulties. Going to her lessons doesn’t feel like a chore. :-)




Kathy is an amazing piano teacher for anyone seeking greater achievement and enjoyment in piano studies.