Welcome to Kathy's 88 Keys!

I am so happy to announce the “birth” of my website.  I am so pleased with the finished product!  Below you will find some ideas on how you can best use the website.

Current students: I want this to be a tool that student families can use to keep in touch with studio happenings.  You will find announcements of upcoming activities on the front page. (In Blog where you are now reading!)  There are many times that I find articles (music interest articles, practice ideas, fun info.) that I really want to share with you.   Now you will be able to find blog links to these great articles that you can use to increase your learning.

Links:  I will be updating these links frequently.   I find myself sending students to many sites of useful information.  This will be a place where you can find some of the best information available on the web.

Contact: From the website you can directly send me questions.  This should make it so everyone (parents and students) can easily contact me with questions or thoughts!

Gallery:  I will be updating our studio pics as new pictures become available.  It is so fun to share some of these great snapshots with you.

Prospective students:  I appreciate the referrals that you send my way.  This will be an easy way for you to send students to find out more information about all the good things we have happing in Kathy’s 88 Keys Studio.

Kathy Charles