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Welcome to the updated Kathy’s 88 Keys website!  I am excited for the possibilities of this website and how I can better communicate with you.  I am always finding wonderful articles that I use to improve my teaching.  Some of this information would be so useful to you as well.  For example, I love being asked questions about how you non-musical parents can help your students in their music studies.  I am constantly compiling tons of useful information that I need to have a way to disseminate to you.  Solution:  a blog post that I can reference these materials and speak to subjects of interest to all.  Keep watch on this page!!

Group Performance Class

We recently finished Group Performance Class week. I was so impressed by the amount of work that the students put forth preparing for their performances.  This effort is exactly what I want from giving the students these mini performance goals.  I think that all students will agree that the more they perform, the easier performing becomes.  Many of the students are now “old pros” at performing.  I joked with several of the students that think about how proficient they would be if they worked this hard all of the time in preparation for lessons!



We discussed at some length the age-old topic of how to become a better practicing musician.  We had excellent discussions and hopefully the students will take some of the tips that we talked and put them to use.  There is also an excellent article that was posted this week with a survey that a teacher presented to their students and the resulting conclusions.  In summary, it posts the most successful practice hints and those that are not as successful (or those that just don’t work!) as compiled by the students!   I had to smile at some of the “best ones!”  Nothing contributes to a bad attitude about piano than lack of practice or not being effective in practicing. 

I encourage you to follow this link to this wonderful article by Dr. Chris Foley entitled, “

Out of the mouths of babes!  There are some wonderful ideas shared in this article. 

Kathy Charles