What does your music tuition cover?

  • Time spent in preparation for students
    Trips to the music store, lesson planning, bookkeeping, development of individual curriculum.
  • Time spent with students
    Lessons, performance classes, adjudication experiences
  • Teacher’s training and experience
    In addition to my education, it includes the continuing education that keeps me current on methods and teaching techniques
  • Studio expenses
    Expenses include studio rental, insurance, high quality instruments and their upkeep and repairs, computer and iPad usage in the studio and purchase of apps for use with students.
  • Administrative time
    Scheduling students, answering emails, and keeping accounts up to date
  • Professional organization memberships
    Enhance teaching skills and provide students with opportunities for festivals, adjudication and performance events.
  • Professional journals
    Publications to assist teaching in keeping current on the newest teaching materials and trends
  • Music books and CD’s
    Music purchased by the teacher to keep costs low for students, trips to the music store, and shipping costs associated with music
  • Recital costs and preparation
    Facility rental, programs, refreshments